Running the Sahara and the Matt Damon H20 Africa launch

I do startups such as: Running the Sahara and the Matt Damon H20 Africa launch
I had the good fortune to be chosen to be the launch Executive Director of Matt Damon’s water charity, originally called the H2O Africa Foundation, but after the merger with Water Partners, became announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009.

As the Executive Director of the startup I lead the following:
•Designed and managed charitable component of Running the Sahara expedition and film project; Provided management of corporate partnerships (National Geographic, PepsiCo, Ethos Water/Starbucks, J M Eagle, E P Martin, Mission Products, Whole Foods, etc.)
•Directed philanthropic partnerships and oversaw NGO partner project design and implementation (Charity Water, Millennium Promise, UNDP, One X One, Orfalea Family Foundation, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Tides Foundation, Geneva Global, Water Partners International, Living Water International, Ryan’s Well Foundation, etc.)
•Managed H2O Africa operations – Water Partners merger, creating new organization,, announced at Clinton Global Initiative in 2009; Provided management support to all philanthropic and project partnerships through entrepreneurial launch phase; Managed web site, branding, and media communications; Created donor-driven mechanisms for global involvement in water crisis in Africa.