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Hello! I’m Dr. Richard Lee Klopp International Social Impact Expert.

Record of decisive leadership in organizations with international scope. Noted for sound, practical management style centered on a strong history of successful team creation and retention. Known for ability to balance dedication to on-time project deliverables with long-term organizational vision. Results-proven ability to generate enthusiasm for ideas, create clear communication of mission internally and externally, and keep teams on task through to a “job well done.” Combines academic rigor with practical management. Values a practice informed by the best-known theory, and theory linked to best of class practice.

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Professional Skills

Fundraising Expert
Nonprofit & For-Profit Startup & Turnaround
Organizational & Business Development
Social Enterprise
Executive Management
Founder & Organizational Transitions


Running the Sahara and the Matt Damon H20 Africa launch

Running the Sahara and the Matt Damon H20 Africa launch

I do startups such as: Running the Sahara and the Matt Damon H20 Africa launch
I had the good fortune to be chosen to be the launch Executive Director of Matt Damon’s water charity, originally called the H2O Africa Foundation, but after the merger with Water Partners, became Water.org announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009.

ICDI – Water for Good turnaround

ICDI – Water for Good turnaround

I created and then implemented strategies that rebranded, retooled, streamlined and provided proper management structures to go from $1.7 million to $5+ million in 3 years, turning around a faltering and distracted organization working on multiple programs with poor contract implementation to being the largest and most credible water sustainability organization in the country. I created new mission, vision and goals, rebranded and led alignment of CEO with full staff and board buy-in with visibility on a global stage, closed all programs except those related to water, spun off drilling into a locally owned and operated business.

Pharmafrican – BDA Foundation project

Pharmafrican – BDA Foundation project

I thrive on complex projects that require blending for-profit and nonprofit structures such as the Pharmafrican – BDA Foundation project.

Working together with the former Canadian Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark and the former Canadian Ambassador to the DRC, Mr. Réjean Frenette, I lead the creation of the BDA Foundation and its partnership with the for profit pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company

Our Services

Fundraising & Organizational - Business Development

Fundraising efforts stall for a number of reasons. Your staff and board capacity, business model, strategic plan and development and fundraising strategy may be part of the reason. We’ll assess your organization and give you next steps.
Deliverable Snapshot:
• Board training
• Strategic planning
• Business plans
• Development & Fundraising plans
• Leadership Coach

Social Business Strategy & Implementation

I have extensive international experience in the creation and management of blended-value structures in which we leverage the best of nonprofits and for-profits to maximize value for humans.
Deliverable Snapshot:
• Social enterprise startup
• Social enterprise turnaround
• Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG consulting
• Earned revenue strategies for nonprofits
• Philanthropic funding strategies & implementation

Transitional Leadership & Management

We fill in the gaps in executive leadership and management during periods of transition in your organization. You can count on us to act as staff and be part of your team.
Deliverables Snapshot:
• Change management leadership as a functional Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer

Work Experience

1991 - Present



A consultancy I pioneered to locate, leverage, and scale high impact social ventures. (US, Canada, Africa, France)

2009 - Present

Formerly ICDI

Manage all Africa operations and 100+ international staff. Provide visionary leadership for the organization on both sides of the ocean. Direct the strategic planning for the Executive teams & Board. Responsible for on time delivery of roughly US$ 3 Million worth of water projects annually, including over 1000 wells under regular contract maintenance in Africa.

March 2019 - Present

Startup and Marketing Advisor & Launch Executive Director

Working with the business Investable owners to launch a parallel nonprofit initiative as part of their social impact strategy that will both enhance their business and their social objectives.

April 2019 - Present

Interim Executive Director

Delivering on a contract to manage the global organization while leading the search for the next full time executive director. The contract is scoped to be completed by Jan 31, 2020.

June 2017 – June 2018

Advisor to the IARC Resource Maximization Committee

Working with the committee to raise awareness & funding for the IARC’s 2018 fundraising event in Lyon, France – raising money to build the new cancer research center.

April 2017 – Feb 2019

Senior Consultant / Interim Executive Director

Working with the board & senior leadership to transition the institution from a membership association to an impact focused relief & development nonprofit.

January 2017 – June 2018

Managing Director

Working with TED Fellows Juliana Rotich and Erik Hersman, founders of the innovative company BRCK to get great technology into the hands of those who need it most.

2011 – 2015

Advisor to CEO & Managing Director

I was part of designing and vetting out the strategy used to transition from TIFIE Humanitarian (NGO) to the creation of the Point Innovate initiative which grew out of the sale of the Goal Zero company to NRG in 2014. (www.goalzero.com)

2006 - 2009


Designed and managed the charitable component of the Running the Sahara expedition and film project. Provided management of corporate partnerships (National Geographic, PepsiCo, Ethos Water/Starbucks, J M Eagle, E P Martin, Mission Products, Whole Foods, etc.). Directed philanthropic partnerships and oversaw NGO partner project design and implementation in the field (Charity Water, Millennium Promise, UNDP, One X One, Orfalea Family Foundation, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Tides Foundation, Geneva Global, Water Partners International, Living Water International, Ryan’s Well Foundation, etc.). Managed fund raising, donor experience, grant making, project assessment and evaluation, and a variety of other partnerships. Managed web site, branding, and media communications. Managed the H2O Africa – Water Partners merger, creating the new organization, Water.org, announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009.

2006 -­ 2008


Designed and managed the blended value startup of the nonprofit (The BDA Foundation) and the corporate entity (Pharm African) a biopharmaceutical company. Directed and participated in the fundraising activities of the foundation, as well as investor relations for the for-­‐profit. Provided management of donor partnerships (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, WWF, Lundin for Africa, Banro Corp, etc.). Provided management and coordination with DRC educational and governmental partners. Represented BDA with Congolese government, and oversaw development of agribusiness programs in Kinshasa and at remote sites in country. Directed BDA employees, and travelled to represent BDA and broker business, governmental, and philanthropic partnerships in the US, Canada, Europe, and Africa (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Word Health Organization, World Food Programme, Canadian and American Embassies, various Congolese government ministries, Jesuits of Central Africa, etc.).

1992 -­ 2005

Team Québec


Designed the NGO’s original vision and strategy. Served as CEO of the network for twelve years, and directed the civil society initiatives in Québec and Africa. Managed all elements of the startup including: development and fundraising of the annual operating budget, leadership team creation and training, and community nonprofit initiatives. Chief architect of the public-private partnerships focused on integration of Rwandan genocide victims in Québec


2005 - 2015

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University


2008 - 2011

The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy


2005 - Present

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University


2007 - Present

Andrews University


2000 - 2005

Laval University, Québec, Canada



  • For over a decade now I’ve watched Rich hone his skills by helping scores of nonprofits around the world. Rich’s ability to combine academic knowledge with practical organizational change plans is world class. If you and your leadership are not clear on what your next organizational step should be, I highly recommend Rich and the high impact consulting he does to you.

    Shariq A. Siddiqui JD, PhD: Executive Director, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
  • I’ve had the good fortune of being the board president of a nonprofit which is the largest service delivery organization of its kind in the country in which it works. Before we hired Rich, my volunteer service was largely spent putting out the fires of one crisis after another. Rich not only assessed our problems correctly and proposed solutions that worked; he actually led the implementation of the solutions and built reliable operational, development, and fundraising systems. I’m still the president of that board, except that now I get to spend my time doing what I’ve wanted to do all along - advocating for the people we serve and for whom I care so deeply about. If your organization is not what you know it can be, call Rich. He can get you there.

    Doug Brennan Digital Sales Lead, US Retail - Microsoft Corporation
  • Rich was instrumental in helping us build the Lake Institute, one of the vital parts of the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. His ability to lead in high-level strategy while driving structural and programmatic changes was a welcome asset as we implemented broad scale changes that transitioned the Center on Philanthropy into a School. Rich is a consummate professional, knows the field well, and will work tirelessly to bring about the changes you want to see in your organization.

    Eugene R. Tempel

For AVENIR it's all about the 4 Ms. Meaning, Markets, Message and Mission

Uncover and customize best practices to guide your donor’s and customer’s on their journey to engage. It’s all about a donors passion and heart.

Understand the markets that are looking for your unique mission. Donor markets matter, and a need is not a market.

Don’t be the center of your story. Inspire donors with a new marketing paradigm.

Align board and staff around a plan. Fundraising with purpose and intention takes a team.

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    • What kind of consulting is this?

      I decided early on in my career that I wanted to focus on helping small to medium sized social change initiatives by both businesses and nonprofits be more successful. I believed then and still do that small to medium sized organization can be more efficient and effective. However, small to medium sized organizations can’t usually pay for high-end consulting. So I started my company, AVENIR Consulting, to create a form of consulting adapted to the needs of contemporary social change organizations. In this form of consulting, instead of just leaving you with a set of ideas and a large bill, I actually take a post in your organization, either as a 1099 contractor or as an employee, allowing us to create an affordable mid to longer term engagement in which I actually lead the implementation of the strategies I bring to you and your teams.
    • How much does this cost?

      After a free 30-minute consultation, I can send a draft proposal built around the gaps or friction we have identified in your systems. We go back and forth on the deliverables and timelines as well as the associated costs for those deliverables. We can discuss pricing on the free call, and I can send you past proposals so you can see what I have done for other organizations.
    • What is your core expertise?

      My core expertise is in quickly locating the gaps in your business / strategy models and providing solutions focused on raising more money for your mission. I have taken multiple organizations from $0 to $Millions through the application of best of class knowledge to the specific needs of each organization. Not only do I bring the strategies you lack to your organization, I actually lead your teams in the implementation of those strategies until they are successful.
    • Did you really grow up in Timbuktu?

      Yes I did! My parents did missionary work in Northern Mali back in the 70s and 80s. I grew up in that fabled city, where I developed abilities for cross-cultural work that I have been using across my career. I am what they call at Third Cultured Person (Google that if needed), and have a unique skill set that can be very useful to sorting out organizational bottlenecks arising from the types of different value assumptions found in both international and local companies of all sorts.

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